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Welcome to Morgan's Mill

Our Story

It all begins with an idea. James Morgan started Morgan's Mill with a love of coffee and community in mind. And filled in all the details one drunken night when he was hungry for waffles. Read our story about how Morgan's Mill came to be.

Our Coffee

We proudly buy and serve Entimos coffee beans

which hails out of Sacramento.

Kalokairi Blend

A blend of two delicious coffees from Colombia and Guatemala. Tasting notes of chocolate, red fruits, and a sweet finish.

Columbia Dulima

Created to honor the coffee profile of central and south Huila region. Tasting notes of chocolate, citrus, and heavy body finish.

Ethiopia Limmu Organic

Grown on a farm in Masha and situated within the UNESCO biosphere at an altitude of 1680m. Manual practices used for harvesting and processing. Tasting notes of chocolate, blueberry, and a big body finish.

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