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Coffee Beans


Founder James Morgan loves coffee. After college he got to work on a business plan for a coffee shop in Woodland. He knew he wanted a relaxing atmosphere that encouraged community among patrons and staff. He knew he wanted high quality beans roasted locally. But he needed a hook, something to help stand out.

One drunken night he was making some waffles and it hit him! Homemade waffles would go with craft coffee. He also added avocado toast to the list and something called Morgan's Mug of Meat (no longer available because it surprisingly didn't sell well). Two out of three drunk ideas ain't bad.

After that, there was a lot of hard work. Budgeting, aesthetics, vendors, menu, staffing, every part was meticulously built from the ground up. And in June 2017 Morgan's Mill opened! It was everything James dreamed of come to fruition. A beautiful setting, a friendly and enthusiastic staff, and of course great coffee.

And then one random day in 2019 the love of his life walked in. It's a true story that if you happen to catch James he will happily tell you. The basics are: She was in town for business and James was covering a shift for an employee. Two kids and a marriage later they are happily residing in Woodland.

While James has moved onto a different career, his ideas and love for this place still flourish. Morgan's Mill has a place for everyone. To do your schoolwork, to talk with friends, to sit and enjoy the weather, to let your kids run around on our patio, and sometimes to find love (4 couples and counting) all while enjoying some food and drink.

And so dear patron, welcome in!
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